for zero waste packaging in the food sales!


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Stop single-use packagings in the takeaway and bulk selling.


Innovate, sensitize and generalize the deposit return system in the food catering industry committed to “Made in France”


Create new jobs and reserve many for people excluded from the workplace


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You are an independent caterer, a franchisee or a restaurant chain, NoWW allows you to pass the milestone of zero disposable packaging with its deposit return solution.

Not only the objective is to reduce the waste of takeaway, sale on site, Click & Collect or delivery to our clients but also to develop customers’ loyalty while highlighting dishes (because a good dish is far more appetizing in a pretty reusable packaging than in a wasteful plastic tray). Fully integrated with your order and payment platforms.

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You are a food retailer: convenience stores, supermarkets or hypermarkets, NoWW helps you to take action with a deposit return solution for your deli counter or your salad bar…

You have a bulk store and you would like to propose a deposit return system to your customers? NoWW can also answer to your needs. NoWW deposit return solution, will become one of the levers of your business action policies by adapting to your loyalty card system as well as involving your customers in the ecological transition.

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Do you want to reduce the amount of single-use packaging associated with your employees' lunch breaks and coffee breaks and want to implement an innovative and impactful CSR strategy?

NoWW deposit return solution will enable you to reduce this waste sustainably and efficiently, but also to involve employees in the ecological transition of their company thanks to a customizable system allowing to monitor the environmental impacts.

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You are in a company, a community or a hospital, NoWW deposit return solution will allow you to: implement a concrete and visible action to reduce waste, differentiate yourself from the competition and adapt to #EGALIM law.

NoWW solution will also allow you to involve your customers and make them a player in the ecological transition, thanks to a personalized system. It can also become a level of your business action policies through your loyalty program.

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NoWW designs and operates a deposit return solution tailor-made. We support our customers in the design of their solutions to move forward towards zero packaging waste and model the financial impact of this transition.

Contenants réutilisables, NoWW gestion d'emballages consignés et réutilisables

Choose reusable food containers in glass or plastic PP

Installer un collecteur, NoWW gestion d'emballages consignés et réutilisables

Install a Deposit Return system to recover the containers to simplify client’s journey

Analysez ses impacts, NoWW gestion d'emballages consignés et réutilisables

Analyse your environmental impact with our tracking software Consigne Easy©

Solidarité ESS, NoWW gestion d'emballages consignés et réutilisables

Collect and Cleaning with with local cooperative partners


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    1. Reusable Food Containers

    1. The reusable food containers and the stickers are available in your restaurant or store.

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    2. Buy a meal in a reusable food containers

    2. The customer buys his meal and pays the food container deposit at the same time.

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    3. Deposit Return System

    3. The customer returns his food container after the end of his meal in the NoWW’s automaton installed in our store or restaurant

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    5. Collect • 4. Cleaning

    4-5. Collect, cleaning and return of the reusable packaging in collaboration with our local cooperatives’ partners.